Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy on Main Street


Where is Legacy On Main Street located?

Legacy On Main Street is located downtown Eufaula, Oklahoma on the corner of Main Street and Pine Street.  The address is 224 N. Main Street, Eufaula Ok.

What rooms are available to rent?
Legacy on Main Street has 2 rooms two rent.  The smaller room is called “Legacy Jr.” and will seat fifty (50) people around 60” tables with 8-9 people per table.  The larger room is the remodeled church sanctuary and will seat one hundred fifty people (150) around 60” tables with 8-9 people per table.  Six foot rectangle tables are available upon request.

What does it cost to rent all or part of Legacy On Main Street?
Yes, you can rent the entire space including the large sanctuary and Legacy Jr.  The rooms can rent by the hour with a two (2) hour minimum for Legacy Jr. and a four (4) hour minimum for the Legacy Auditorium,  or by the day.  See the Pricing and Fees Sheet for details.

What is included in the rental fee?
The rental fee includes a customized room set-up, round tables and chairs.

Do I need to rent additional time for decorating, set-up and/or clean up?
Yes, please include all time needed before and/or after your event in your total reserved time.

What is the latest time that an event must end?
Legacy On Main Street requires all CLIENTS and guests to be out of the building at midnight (12:00 a.m.). Most events must end at 11:00 p.m. in order to complete clean up and exit by midnight.

Do you have additional equipment for event rental?
Yes, we have several items available to rent at an additional cost.  We have furniture rental,  equipment rental and tableware rental.  See our Pricing and fees Sheet for a list of available items.  

Does Legacy On Main Street permit outside catering?
Yes, Legacy On Main Street does not have an in-house caterer.  However, your caterer must be approved by the Legacy Management.

Does Legacy On Main Street have a full kitchen?
Yes, Legacy On Main Street has a full kitchen that can be rented and meals can be cooked by a licensed person on-site.  See the Pricing and Fees sheet for more information.

Does Legacy On Main Street allow alcohol at events?
Yes, Legacy On Main Street has a full bar service.  All events desiring alcohol must use Legacy On Main Street’s bar service.  No outside alcohol may be brought in. See the Pricing and Fees sheet for more information. Legacy On Main Street does not allow alcohol at youth oriented events. 

Can I have a cash bar?
Yes, Legacy On Main Street permits both a cash or hosted bar.  See “Alcoholic Beverages” sheet for more details.

If I want to rent space at Legacy On Main Street for my event, what is the next step?
If you want to rent space at Legacy On Main Street, contact us at 918.617.7304, 918.605.7405 or  An event planner will schedule an appointment with you at the facility and will work with you on an event planning checklist and will go over the rental agreement and contract.

When is the reservation for space confirmed?
The space is reserved and confirmed for your event once you have signed the Event Rental Agreement and paid the necessary deposits.  See Legacy On Main Street Event Rental Agreement and Contract.

How much will I have to pay upfront before my event?
A fifty percent (50%) deposit of the room rental fee is due at the time you sign the rental agreement. 

Will I have to pay a security deposit?
Yes, a security deposit and possible damage deposit is required and due two weeks prior to the event.  The amount is determined by the amount of space rented, the number of guests attending and whether or not alcohol will be served.  The security deposit and damage deposit is refunded within three (3) days following the rental period provided the facility is left clean and as the CLIENT found it.

Will I have to sign a Release of Liability Form?
Yes, all clients must sign a Release of Liability form prior to the event.

What happens if I need to cancel my event?
You must provide a dated, written request for cancellation.  You must then adhere to the Cancellation Policy in your contract.  A pro-rated fee schedule will apply.

How do I reschedule my event?
Your ability to reschedule a contracted event is at the sole discretion of Legacy On Main Street and cannot be guaranteed.  If a reschedule is permitted, it will be treated as a cancellation of the existing event arrangements.  Previous payments, will not be credited to the rescheduled event.  You will be responsible for paying the standard rental fees and all other applicable charges for the new rescheduled date.

Is there a charge for parking?
No, all parking around Legacy On Main Street is free with no hourly restrictions.  All parking is on Main Street and side streets in town.

When will my entire balance be due?
Your entire balance will be due 14 days prior to the event.  NO EXCEPTIONS.